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Glazed and Confused Glazed Donut Scented Soy Candle Hand Poured Small Batch

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ūü橬†‚̧ԳŹ ¬†We are firm believers in the "A good day starts with a glazed donut." stoic rule. And if that is not a thing, then it should be. Marcus Aurelius would probably agree.

There is no denying our love for donuts and that's why we had to get down to brass tacks and make a donut inspired candle that would satisfy our crew. We did a ton a research at our local favs DG Doughnuts, Donut King and The Salty Donut here in Central Florida to those must-visit spots like Good Dough in Jacksonville, Sublime in Atlanta, Five Daughters Bakery in Nashville & Atlanta, Doughnut Plant in NYC, Hole Donut in Asheville and General Porpoise in Seattle. Really, we could go on and on and on - it was a very long and delicious R&D process. 

Happy to report that we were super successful and that our critics agree as our Glazed & Confused candle is one of our bestsellers. Alright, alright, alright!  

All of our candles use 100% soy wax that are hand poured by us in small batches to help preserve quality. They are all-natural, vegan friendly, paraffin wax free and contain a lead free cotton wick.

This candle is not only beautiful, it's non-toxic and safe to burn in your home. They make a great gift for yourself or your loved ones.

A. B. Newton and Company Candle Features

  • Scent Details:¬†Glazed Donut
  • Hand Poured with 100% Soy Wax in Winter Garden, Florida
  • Made in Small Batches to preserve quality
  • 8oz candle has¬†40+ hours of burn time
  • 10oz candle has¬†50+ hours of burn time
  • Clear glass container that can be reused and up-cycled

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