A Charming Company with a Juicy Past

A.B. Newton was more than just the first Mayor of Winter Garden, Florida. He also published our town’s first newspaper, served as its first postmaster, operated its most popular general store and was to mustaches and bow ties what Abe Lincoln was to honesty and stovepipe hats.

We think we may have imagined that last part, just as we like to imagine ol’ A. B. laying the first brick on Plant Street, seeding the first orange grove and filling our water tower with rain he personally summoned from the sky. The truth is, there’s a lot we don’t really know about Mr. Newton’s life, but what we do know is how much we love the sense of community he established.

A. B. Newton and Company creates unique home decor items that give a modern edge to vintage styles. Our products celebrate your hometown’s individual sense of place through an artful array of equally thoughtful apparel and merchandise, all custom-designed by our team.

We started our journey 6 years ago with a fashionable salute to our own charming little city with a juicy past, Winter Garden, and that was just the beginning. We have since expanded our offerings up and down the east coast and into the mid-west, highlighting your local home town with a mixture of thoughtfully curated products that speak to local residents and visitors alike.

Where will the legend of A. B. Newton take us next? Stay with us and find out.

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