• I can’t wait to send these to friends and family! 

    I ordered several different postcards from this seller. All were awesome. I can’t wait to send these to friends, family, and post crossers! — Tonia from Kentucky on July 20, 2023

  • Love finding everything that makes LA iconic! 

    What a great piece of LA art. I love it! It was perfect for my home and it really complimented my LA themed living room.
    — Ivy from Los Angeles on July 6, 2023

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A. B. Newton and Company

High Museum of Art | Atlanta Landmark Series

High Museum of Art | Atlanta Landmark Series

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Standing proudly in Atlanta, Georgia, the High Museum of Art reigns as the Southeastern United States' premier destination for visual art. Encompassing a vast expanse of 312,000 square feet, this institution is an integral division of the renowned Woodruff Arts Center. Boasting an impressive collection that exceeds 19,000 pieces, the High is not just a repository of art but a vibrant platform. It's passionately committed to kindling conversations and engagement with art, offering a deep dive into the minds of artists and the intricate tapestry of the creative journey, both locally and globally.

The co-founder of A. B. Newton and Company, Andy Crabtree, skillfully depicted this iconic landmark with a delightful blend of playful and sophisticated artistic flair.

  • Print Sizes: 8x10, 11x14
  • Illustrated by Andy Crabtree
  • Made in the USA; Printed in Orlando, Florida

*frame not included


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